those anyway? 2 numbers are What



  • those anyway? 2 numbers are What
  • What's In a Version Number, Anyway?
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  • November 2, Scientists Intensity measures the strength of the shaking at a specific location and is determined by the effects on people, buildings and the. Volume 80, Issue 2, November , Pages The crossing number of G is the minimum number of crossing points in any drawing of G. We define two. the odd-crossing number of a graph is bounded, then its crossing number cannot be arbitrarily large. More precisely, we prove. Theorem 2. The crossing number.

    those anyway? 2 numbers are What

    NET, the version number convention is: Build number But it's hardly universal. And even if it was, what does all this meticulously numbered version data get us?

    What does it mean? Why have version numbers at all? It's partly because version number is an expected software convention. And partly because programmers never met a piece of arbitrarily detailed metadata they didn't love.

    Personally, I like to think of version numbers as dogtags for your software. Like dogtags, they're primarily designed for use in the event of an emergency. In the event of a software problem-- if, on the battlefield, you hear someone screaming "medic! But software version numbers, even arbitrarily detailed programmer version numbers, can't seem to avoid dates, either. Jensen Harris explains the Microsoft Office version numbering scheme: The most interesting thing to watch for is the first 4-digit number you encounter.

    In the examples above, and These are what we refer to as the "build number. Eventually, a build becomes "final" and that is the one that ends up on CDs and in the store. The 4-digit build number is actually an encoded date which allows you tell when a build was born. The algorithm works like this: Take the year in which a project started.

    For Office "12", that was Call January of that year "Month 1. So, if you have build , you would do the following math: Therefore, "Month 34" would be October So, the final build of Office , , was made on August 8, So Microsoft Office version numbers end up containing three relevant bits of data: Of those three, how many are actually useful to users? Try not to make the opposite mistake when you speak Spanish.

    Here are the first ten:. Ordinal numbers are adjectives that must agree with the noun — although, unlike most Spanish adjectives, they go before the noun, not after:. Just remember that both parts of the number must agree with the noun: They tend to be reserved for formal writing. Where do Spanish numbers come from, anyway? Compare modern Spanish numbers to ancient Latin — and to other modern Romance languages — and you can easily see the links:.

    But we can go further back than that! The Romance languages are a sub-family of Indo-European languages — the family that also includes English. The common ancestor of all Indo-European languages was proto-Indo-European. That name is a modern invention — we don't know what its own speakers called it.

    In fact, we know very little with certainty about proto-Indo-European. There are no written records of it; the best we can do is guess what it sounded like by comparing its modern descendants. Here's one linguist's guess as to what the numbers sounded like in proto-Indo-European. Can you see the similarities with both ancient Latin and modern English? Some are more obvious than others. This new moniker was a reference to his jersey number: The correct Spanish is ochenta y cinco.

    It's unknown whether Chad was aware of this mistake when he made the name change. Are you learning to speak Spanish? Do you have any tricks for learning Spanish numbers? What worked for you? Let me know in the comments. This post contains affiliate links.

    Benny Lewis Founder, Fluent in 3 Months. Fun-loving Irish guy, full-time globe trotter and international bestselling author. Benny believes the best approach to language learning is to speak from day one. There was an error submitting your subscription. Email Address What language are you learning? Click here to see the comments! Frequently asked questions for a long term traveller written by Benny Lewis.

    The post I wrote over the summer about the 29 life lessons learned in 8 years travelling, stirred up a lot of interest it's been read by almost a half a million individuals but it led to a lot of questions. Some I have hinted to in various blog posts, but I'm going to try [ Did I really make it [

    What's In a Version Number, Anyway?

    Here's a quick survey of version numbers for the software running on my .. FireFox 2.x, and it may be a way for FireFox to get people to update. Manufacturers of digital multimeters will specify their meters using numbers of digits like 4 1/2. This article explains what the half digit means. The Complete Chronicle of the WHO Andrew Neill, Matthew Kent 12/4, 26/4, 31/5, 26/7/64 (High Numbers) Bayswater Douglas House: 17/2, 24/2, .

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