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#13 suvenir: In spite of the misleading title, this was an informative video!

#14 fcmrfxxx: Pretty good

#15 tarika: I knew Jordon was the clown

#16 glassglow: Man Mario Kart DS was the best back in the day. the feeling of completing every cup and getting all the characters was amazing. I also loved the multiplayer.

#17 Aragopn: The best in the past, present and future

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#19 wacr2009: Cant they just shoot the bear? How do they let bears take over the whole town.

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#21 madmike8383: One factor that, makes me want to live forever is too see technology moving on, people interacting differently, life changing, animals changing, transportation changing, this is what makes me want to be born 100000 years ahead. but have a reminding view of the past years

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live sex cams asian
My name is Erika, 22.: I believe I am a woman who loves life maybe even more than others. There should not be a day we can't laugh and enjoy we are here. I am full of energy and appreciate to meet a new day, new live, adventures, challenges. I like to learn myself, other people and world around. I am open and keep harmony inside, let it grow and share. Passion is something which lives in me and it could be the same big to a man I am with and something new I try like painting, yoga lessons or baking something sweet. Just like everyone I have my strong sides you can easily feel, besides the weak one it would be not so easy to find out. I can wait something for a long time if it is really needed.

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I'm pretty unimpressed with the Kirin 970. The 960 was far ahead of the top Qualcomms (which was the 821 in late 2016 and it went toe to toe still vs the 835 all through 2017. The 970 puts up almost identical #s as the 960 and doesn't really seem to be any faster. Possibly almost slower. Too much emphasis on 'Ai gimmicks I guess. I mean it's still faster than an iPhone aside from a few games, but almost everything is. Not too impressed by the 960-970 jump. I expected a lot more. The 845 looks like it will leave it in the dust.

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Morgan Freeman

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China is a super power. Why is this material a surprise. They have enormous capability as do we.

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Bring a gun to a knife fight

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All I'm saying is TT will make a good stay-at-home dad. Stop wasting Ante and Nance min. Btw, Bron broke another record tonight: only player in NBA history to win 10 straight division title. Breaking all kind of records but haters like Skip bayless will try to write this off ha! #MVP

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Gotta love Ply Mouth . haha! A new Super Hero has been born!

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Gotta say I miss the white table

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I wish people would stop talking about Chris Brown beating on Rihanna. His career isn't over. He's still famous and his music is still a hit.

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Wishing you love, peace and soul in Philly. This mix takes me back to the good old days when you'd hear this kind of music in any club in Philly or Atlantic City 'til the wee hours of dawn.

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Buildtime? ?